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"You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus" ~ Mark Twain


History Columns are arranged by year of publication in the Ludington Daily News



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2004 History Columns

I started writing the History Column for the Ludington Daily News in October of 2004. I've always had an affinity for history, Back in 1969 I was digging old bottles and selling them at the flea market and using the proceeds to fund my comic collecting and for other "old stuff" like the Victrola and 78rpm records I was buying.

The history classes we had in school though were boring and its not the fault of history; History isn't boring, its just taught that way. I hope that the way that I present the history of our area is informative and fun for you as a reader.

Please keep in mind as well that the source of inspiration for many of the columns that I have written have come from my readers. If you have photogrpahs or stories to share please feel free to contact me David K Petersen

  • Column #001 Real Photo Postcards........10/23/04
  • Column #002 Undivided Back Postcards........10/30/04
  • Column #003 Armistice Day Storm 1940........11/06/04
  • Column #004 Researching Cemetery Databases........11/13/04
  • Column #005 Welches Hardware Scottville........11/20/04
  • Column #006 Wilfred Abrahamson on Armistice Day........11/27/04
  • Column #007 Sand Sawdust and Sawlogs Mary Frances Caswell........12/04/04
  • Column #008 Researching Family Photographs Pt 1........12/11/04
  • Column #009 Weldon Creek by Allen W. Moore........12/18/04
  • Column #010 Researching Family Photographs Pt 2........12/24/04
  • Column #011 The Accidental Collection........12/31/04
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