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How Scottville came to be Part 4 History Column Dave Petersen This is the last week that we will be quoting parts of an article from February of 1942 about early Scottville entitled "HOW SCOTTVILLE CAME TO BE" by Beatrice O'Hearn We'll quote from sections of the article and include some images from early Scottville postcards and photos from my collection. "The first jewelry store was opened by Mr. Parkhurst who later sold out to Henry Chinnery who still runs one. In 1896 the United Home Telephone was granted a franchise for putting up wires and poles within the village limits. Also in this year Mr. Mack built the State Savings Bank Building, and leased it to Mr. McPhail for the first bank to be opened here. "Mr. McPhail was its first president. Water tanks were installed this same year. In 1899 Smyth's new three story elevator was burned, and Mr. Smyth and Partridge built a new storehouse for their fruit as soon as they could. Since this fire handicapped the business of shipping fruit, occurring as it did at the beginning of the season. "During this year Mr. Kobe and Mr. Wagar came to our city and each opened a grocery store on Main street (1889). Mr. Kobe still has his grocery store in the same location. Mr. Wagar's store is rented to a beauty operator and a barber, he having passed away about six years ago. In 1919 Charles Blaine of Ludington who had bought up a lot of land around here, donated a site and cash for a building to be used for a city library. "Mr. Blaine died in 1902 but he will always be remembered by Scottville citizens as a benefactor of this city. He also gave this village a deed to some land south east of town for a park, across from the depot. "In this same year of 1900 the Post Office was moved to the Robinson block. In 1901 Mr. Reader built an implement store on north Main street, which, having been remodeled several times is being managed since his death in 1941 by his son Fred. Scottville from now on became THE agriculture town of the county and sold more farm machinery than Ludington or any nearby towns. "This year brought forth a need for a set of ordinances and a book was printed; one of these can be seen today at the Chinnery Jewelry store. These ordinances are interesting, some of which I will list here: Ordinance 3- To prevent the misuse of public watering troughs and fountains. (1907) Ordinance 15- Relative to running at large of horses, pigs, and cows in the village streets'. (1901) Ordinance 19- Relative to the tying of horses and oxen and not permit them to stand without being tied. Ordinance 13- Relative to minors being on the street and other public places after 8:00 p.m. from Oct. 1 till April 1 and from 9:00 from April 1 to Oct. 1. Ordinance 14- Prohibiting playing ball and other games upon the streets on Sunday Some of these first Ordinances were established in 1893. "The first eighth grade graduation occurred in 1893 as mentioned above, but the first twelfth grade exercises took place in 1903. Those graduating were as follows: Nora Cranley, Pearl Shelley, Ray Trucks, Julia Landon, and Sherman Clay. "There was much discussion on the street corners, in the barber shops, about building a city hall. It was finally voted and built in 1911. Also a water tank was installed at the cemetery. The second bank was built (The Peoples State Bank) and was incorporated with a capital of $30,000.00. F. J. Reader was the first President. At this time the State Savings Bank, which was incorporated in 1898 had a capital of $35,000.00 with Mr. McPhail as president. "In 1912 the Hotel Andre, a land mark of 1880 burned to the ground. A filling station was built in its place on that corner and is now the Shell Gas station. St. Jerome's Church was built in this same year, and an addition was made to the school, adding the North and South wings. Dr. Hunt and Mrs. Hunt moved here from Fountain and he was the town's fourth doctor, Dr. Foster having come several years before. In 1913 the Scottville Athletic Club was formed and built two tennis courts on East State St. South of the Gordon Houses. "In 1914 Tom Peterson built the first theatre and called it "A. Muz. U." It is now owned by Mr. Wallace and is called the Star Theatre. Many new homes were being built and some new stores. There were two saloons on Main St., one being run by Mr. Pearce. Women workers began to be employed at the Evaporating Plant which had been built recently. They were now buying 300 to 400 bushels of apples daily. " If you have any stories or photos you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240 or davep@blackcreekpress.com, mail should be sent in care of the Ludington Daily News PO box 340 Ludington Mi 49431.

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