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Pere Marquette Remembers History Column Dave Petersen Today we'll take another look at the history of Pere Marquette Township through their sesquicentennial book "Pere Marquette Remembers" This is the history of the Township published in 2005. They still have a few books left out of a limited printing of 500. If you are scrambling for a gift for that hard to buy for history buff this would be a good read and support the preservation of our local history. There Are other local books and crafts as well that would support the local artisans and writers to consider as well. Pic 1 Burr Caswell House A pre restoration photo of the Burr Caswell Home, the first courthouse located at Historic White Pine Village. Burr Caswell was the first settler of European Descent in Mason County. He landed with his family on Buttersville Pennisula in 1847. Photograph courtesy of Barbara Voss Hallberg. Pic 2Buttersville Crib Building. A Circa 1908 photograph of buildings cribs in Buttersville. They were used to frame in the new breakwall as a part of the million dollar harbor renovation. Postcard courtesy of Jim Fay. Pic 3 Finn Town Finn Town was located on the tip of Buttersville Peninsula and was comprised of several dozen buildings and homes. The settlement was home to the local commercial fishing industry and has long since disappeared. Photograph by Erhardt Peters Pic4 PM Cross From about 1937 to 1955 a large wooden cross stood on the hill to honor the memory of Father Jacques Marquette. In 1955 the Pere Marquette Memorial Association undertook a major project to build a more lasting historical structure. Photograph by Harold Holmes. Pic5 Hatfield cabin Richard Hatfield was an early settler and married Miss Mary Caswell daughter of Burr Caswell on November 12th 1854. Pictured at left to right are Mrs Nettie Hatfield Ossenheimer, Richard Baylor, Frank Scott, a friend of Will Meers, Richard Hatfield, Willie and harry Paasch, Ida Baylor Paasch, May Hatfield Meers, Eva Meers, Edna Baylor, Mable Paasch, Ida Hatfield Baylor, John Hatfield, Frank Baylor and Leslie Baylor. Photograph courtesy of Barbara Voss Hallberg. Pic6 Wing School Circa 1900, the Wing School was located just to the west of the Walgreen Store on US 10. Photograph courtesy of Historic White Pine Village and the Bradshaw family. If you have any photographs or stories to share with our readers please feel freet o call Dave Petersen 757-3240 email davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of the Ludington Daily News.

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