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Ludington Landmarks History Column Dave Petersen We are going to take a look at some more of the locations and buildings that were and in some cases still are important Ludington Landmarks. When you are downtown take a moment to look over the architecture, design and style of some of the buildings that are still in use. If you have any photographs or stories to share with our readers please feel free to call Dave Petersen 757-3240 email davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of the Ludington Daily News. Pic 1 The current North Pier Lighthouse was built in 1924. The first light was established in 1871 and destroyed in December 1876, it was rebuilt in 1877 and replaced of course in 1924. The walk out to the lighthouse is a popular attraction for residents and tourists alike. In years past the break-wall would be loaded with fishermen hooking their limit of Perch and in those years Ludington hosted a Perch Festival. This photograph was taken by Harold Holmes and the little boy in the picture was his son Thomas. Pic 2 The Post Office is shown here looking very shiny and new March 13th 1933. This building is a far cry from the first Post Office that was in the hollow of a tree on the Buttersville Penninsula. The construction cost 135,000.00 and used Bedford Limestone and Tennesee Marble. Orginally referred to as the "Federal Building" pic 3 Culver Park was an important recreational place 100 years ago, the Mariners Baseball Team is shown here playing a game to an enthusiastic crowd circa 1915. Located to the west of the Watchcase the teams would be getting a little wet should they play a game at the same location today. pic 4 The Carnegie Library was built in 1905 and it's distinctive architecture still survives and the institution still plays a very important role in the daily life in the County. The Library continues to expand its facility and services and is currently working to build a much needed children's addition to the Library. pic 5 Pere Marquette school was built in 1886 and remained in use until 1967 when it was demolished to make room for the new Pere Marquette Elementary school on the corner of 4th and Madison streets in the Fourth Ward. pic 6 Ludington State Bank was founded in 1901 and is a magnificent structure that has been an important business anchor on South James Street for over a 100 years. This is a circa 1910 image, not much has changed.

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