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August 13th 1941 A day in the life History Column Dave Petersen I was going through a box of old Ludington Daily newspapers that I found last year from the 1940's and thought there were a number of things and some old ads that might make for some interesting columns. It's a good time to also ask that if you are cleaning out corners for cleanup days give me a call I'd be happy to pick up any old newspapers, scrapbooks, pictures, and yearbooks. These are invaluable and provide good information and support for the history columns I submit to the papers. I hear stories on a regular basis about these types of things that have historical interest and significance going into the dumpster or the bonfire and I'm hoping that my readers might help me to save, preserve and share them. Most of the front page news was about the War during these years, the top news of the day was that the draft extension from the current 12 months was increased to 30 was passed by a single vote. The CIO Union was getting ready to vote on whether or not to ban communists from holding office in the union, but we see that on August 13th 1941 work was begun to remove the cargo of coke from the Novadoc which had been broken and sun during the Armistice Day storm the previous November. There were still hopes at that time that the ship could be raised and salvaged. Captain E.C. Lessard of Detroit and his tug "Submarine" were repairing the damage. Large crowds were on hand for the fair, harness racing, vaudeville acts, Grahams International Juvenile Rodeo Champions, WLS Radio Jamboree with Pat Buttram, horse pulling was scheduled and one of the winners listed was the Ole Brenne team of Custer driven by Joe Locke. Mildred Smith "a bride of the near future" was honored at a party given by Mrs. Axel Johnson, (her sister) she is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Sherman Smith of North Emily and was engaged to Harold Genter. Bunco and Flea comprised the evenings games and entertainment. Can someone please let me know how "flea" is played? Do you remember these stores and businesses? Caplon's Dry Goods, Sherman's gift shop, The Elite Shoppe, Emil Newberg Insurance, Abrahamson Nerheim Co.? All advertisers in the News and none left to tell the tale. It was noted in Muskegon that a hearing for Captain Allen Hoxie was postponed, it seems from the article that the good Captain, his cruise Director and two other employees of the Wisconsin Michigan Steamship Lines were being charged with obstruction when they prevented officers from confiscating slot machines being shipped to Milwaukee on the Milwaukee Clipper. In Fountain News Ford Leo Borema received his degree from Northern Michigan College in Marquette and was one of 53 graduates, other Fountain News included the next program for the Grange meeting which included singing songs such as " Dear Old Farm." Ready for a show at the Lyric? Red Skelton starred in Whistling in the dark, the ad states "A haunted man in a Haunted House!" "A crime on his hands!" The night time showing cost a whopping 30 cents for an adult, Pentwater Theatre had " Million Dollar baby with Ronald Reagon listed in the top credits, A Local ad for the Ludington Lumber Company extolled the savings that could be had by purchasing your coal in August rather then waiting until the weather got cold. News Briefs, another column in the paper that brought everyone up to date about everything else, Mr. And Mrs. Herman Lange announced the birth of their daughter Brenda Kay at home on August 6th, Hazel Smogeleski attended a attended an American Legion Convention, Rev Father LeRoux was on vacation in Alpena, and much much more. Hundreds of little tidbits from area correspondents from Fern to Hamlin submitted their columns that shared the daily life and lifeblood of a community that was connected in as many ways as the news that they shared. If you have any stories or photographs to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail care of the Ludington Daily News at PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431.

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