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Memorial Day History Column Dave Petersen When I first started working on our family genealogy about 10 years ago I didn't have a lot of expectation to find family lines that extended back further then about 1880 or so. I had been under the impression that most of the family had come over during those years and while that held true for my fathers Danish and Swedish family lines it was a different story when it came to my Mother's family. The family lines from my grandfather M. Earl Shaw can so far be documented back into the early 1700's and my grandmother Laura Fern Shaw extend back to the 1650's. I have hopes of taking some of the family lines back a little further but as any of you know that work on family history anything could happen at any time. One of the things I have discovered over the years is an abundance of family members that served in the armed forces of our country from the time of the American Revolution and before. This year on Memorial weekend I'd like to remember some of those individuals and share some of that history with you. PIC 1 Richard Petersen (my father) Pictured here in his uniform in preparation of taking the carferry to Wisconsin, the boy standing in front is his cousin Kirk Williamson. PIC2 Ricky Deeds (1st Cousin) Ricky was a Marine his tour of Duty began March 24th 1967 On the Wall Panel 34E Line 085 He was killed January 21at 1868 at age 19 Viet Nam near Quang Tri Viet Nam. He helped me get started collecting coins, and I still miss him. PIC3 Carl Cook at left (Great Uncle) Served in WWI in France, I was told his health was seriously compromised due to the gas and it affected him until his death at age 44. his wife Mary wrote this in her journal ""An Angel came to our home, and has taken away my most precious possession my beloved husband Carl. God Knows best, he doeth all things well. I shall miss Carl so much, he was a wonderful husband and companion. Always so patient, so considerate to me. Sleep in Peace Sweet Soldier Boy, Those we Love never Die, Mary." Robert Shaw (Uncle) served during WWII Robert in the Air Force, he passed away recently, he was a local businessman and one of the "fly guys" who flew model planes out on Conrad Rd. Paul Smith (Stepfather) Paul served in the Navy, he seldom if ever would talk about his experiences during WWII in the Pacific Theatre. He spoke once of a Kamikaze Pilot that flew into the side of the ship he was on. He told me it was close enough to see the pilot brace before crashing into the ship below where he was. Richard Shaw (Uncle) Roberts younger brother also served in WWII but in the Navy. Henry Wisner (6th Great Grandfather) was a Lieutenant in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Uriah Mostoller Private (2nd Great Grandfather) Union Army 61st Pennsylvania Volunteers I quote from a letter written to his brother in 1864 "Here we are in danger every day of losing our lives. May the time soon be at hand that Peace may again be restored unto our once glorious and happy land. Let us be faithful soldiers for Jesus, putting all our trust in God. He will never forsake us for he said so in his word." Marion Shaw Private (2nd Great Grandfather) Union Army. Company D. 89th Regiment: Indiana Infantry George Inman (2nd Great Grandfather) Private in the Union Army Iowa Vol. Smith Bryte (2nd Great Grand Uncle) Private Smith Bright served in the 99th Indiana Infantry Company B, under Captain Robt. Landis, mustered in at Indianapolis, Indiana, August 22, 1862, , he enlisted for 3 years, and was killed in action during the Battle of Cold Harbor, New Hope Church, Dallas, Georgia. June 3rd 1864. Michael Lowry (5th Great Grandfather) served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution as did his brother Jacob. John Wisner, (1st cousin 8 x removed ) the second son of Hendrick Wisner, was a Captain in the French and Indian War, and served as a scout in 1757. He was also a Captain in the Revolutionary War under Col. Nicholl of Goshen Robert Philson (5th great uncle by marriage) emigrated from Ireland in 1759. In 1794 he was arrested along with Harmon Husband in Somerset County Pennsylvania and charged with treason as he was one of the instigators of the Whiskey Rebellion. He was acquitted and returned home where he served various posts in local government including Associate Judge. During the War of 1812 served as brigadier general of the Second Brigade, Twelfth Division, Pennsylvania Volunteers, afterwards he was elected in 1819 to the 16th Congress. Henry Wisner (1st cousin 8 x removed) was a descendant of Johannes Weesner who came here about 1704 from Switzerland, Johannes had served in the Queens Army Henry served in the Continental Congress and while he voted for the Declaration Of Independence he was at the New York State Congress when it was signed. In order to assist Washington he built three gunpowder factories that shipped up to 1000 pounds of gunpowder a week to Washington's troops. He also financed the erection of a canon defense outpost overlooking the Hudson River that helped block the British from using that part of the river. This Memorial Day don't forget to take a moment to thank those who have fought for our freedom, take a moment to step back and think when we are asked to sign away with a stroke of a pen those rights and freedoms paid for with blood for a moment of false security, take a moment to remember those who serve, and remember as my Great Aunt Mary said "Those we Love never Die," If you have any stories or photographs to share with our readers about a family member who fought in the War to end all Wars please feel free to contact me at 757-3240 or email at davp@blackcreekpress.com or write in care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431. please include your contact information.

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