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School Days History Column 198 Dave Petersen The mornings become crisp and cool, a hint of summer's fading and fall's arrival, dew so heavy in the tall grass that your feet are soaked before you reach the road. Grasshoppers flying out of harms way, and the birds are singing as children make their way down the dirt roads, once it was to walk to the one room school houses to learn their 3 R's. These days the school bus is making its rounds, kids are still getting up early in the morning to shouts of breakfast is on the table, not so many have chores to do first, no milking the cows or feeding the chickens. For now though its all about getting up, getting ready and getting out in time to make it to school. I'm sure parents are still breathing a sigh of relief when they see the kids get out the door, and not miss the bus as they grab a cup of coffee and compose themselves before heading out for the day themselves. It's been a fall tradition for most school age children for over a hundred years now, in some respects nothing has changed as children come in to new classrooms to reunite with old friends and meet the new. In other ways though the personal chalkboard has been replaced by the personal computer, blackberries are not just in fruit pies from a technology standpoint it's a brave new world. Lately we've seen a few colors here and there in the tree-line to let us know that there are some changes coming in the weather and we better start thinking about where we put the fall coat and our scarves and mittens but for now in the next couple weeks school picture time is coming and for this week I've taken some school pictures out of the album to share with you. As you look over some of the classrooms of children its possible that you might see yourself or someone you know looking back. If you see anyone you can identify in the pictures please let me know, if you have any memories or stories you would like to share with our readers about your one room school days please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431. Pic 1 This is class 1B of the 1931 Foster Elementary School, recognize anyone you know here? The picture did not have any of the children identified, if my math is correct they would be about 83 years young. Most of the kids seem happy to be there, and one maybe just a little bit surprised. Pic 2 This is the 1924-25 School year of the children who attended Sugar Grove School. Pic 3 Here is a good picture of the Scottville High School taken from an old postcard as it looked in 1914. Pic 4 Here is a great photo of Foster Elemetary taken by photographer Herbert Harter in 1906. Pic 5 Here is a group of students standing outside of the High School building in 1912, the picture was taken by an outstanding Oceana County photographer by the name of Elliott. You can't see any part of the old building anymore (is any part of it still there?) The boulder has been moved over to the southwest lawn, engraved 1908 and donated by the graduating class of the same year. Pic 6 I know some of these youngsters are still around town, this is the 6th 7th and 8th grades at Summit in 1952. See anyone you recognize?

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