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Business's of Ludington's Past Photo History History Column Dave Petersen There are many stories out there of old business's in the Ludington area, and there were a few in an old 1896 promotional about Ludington that I thought I would share here this week. I am always looking for old photos of Mason County and of course histories of any local business. If you have some background on the building your business is located in or of the history of your business past or present please feel free to contact me. Pic 1 J.H. Britton was the owner of the Grocery and Meat Market on South Washington Street, he was in business in Ludington starting about 1880 having come to Ludington from New Jersey. At one time both South Washington and Dowland street were major business sections in the city. Pic 2 Mason County being the fruit producing area that it is was the home to the Ludington Basket Works. The company employed about 150 people. Pic 3 Pere Marquette Canning Company. Can any of our readers provide more information on this canning factory in Ludington? This was an important employer in Ludington at this time and had a unique harbor side site. Pic 4 Charles Boerner was a builder and architect and he had a storefront at 310 South James Street in Ludington. He was an early Ludington resident having come her in 1867 from Germany. Pic 5 T. James Moran was another early Ludington resident having come here in 1877. He first worked in lumbering and sorted logs for local millmen for twenty years. Afterwards he went into the mercantile business with his son George in a storefront on Dowland Street. Pic 6 Gary and Forslind was a "Gents Furnishing Goods" store that offered everything that a man could want in clothing and they were known to serve men of all occupations with a wide variety of clothing and accessories. Pic 7 Portrait of D. Seeba circa 1896 Pic8 D. Seeba owned a cigar and liquor store at the corner of Ludington Avenue and Charles Street (Rath) that also included a Café. It was a popular spot in Ludington and was operated with the help of his son Henry. Seeba came to Ludington in 1879 and began his business in 1885. If your family owned or own a historic business in Mason County and have any stories or photographs you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240 davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431

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