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Erhardt Peters Collage History Column 207 Dave Petersen Today we have a group of photographs taken by Erhardt Peters about 1930 showing some storm views as well as views of fishtowns on both sides of the lake. November is well known for its squalls and storms on the Great Lakes and it wouldn't be November without showing at least a couple storm pictures. It won't be long now before winter sets in and I'll have some nice chilly snow photos of storms past to share. Pic 1 The PM 22 drops into a deep hole in a heavy fall sea on Lake Michigan. In 1928 Ehardt writes "Rough Weather, We roll deeper then this but never catch it as I am busy staying on my feet. We call this hitting a hole but sometimes it seems more like it was a hill" Pic2 Fred Larsen 2nd Mate and Karl the wheels-man aboard what looks like the pilothouse of the Pere Marquette 22. Pic 3 These buildings are located on the Buttersville Penninsula and according to a map platted of the village this view shows the Deyoung, , Borg Bishop John and Holmstrom Fishouse, The Anderson Johnson and Gustafson Fishouses, Andrew Newberg and the John Johnson Fish houses, Axel Holmstrom, John Gustason Fish houses, and the John Hounsel Fish house Pic4 On the other side of the lake we see part of the humble fishing village of the Kaszubes- a hearty group of Baltic emigrents of German and Polish ancestry. The last of these residents were evicted from Milwaukee's Jones Island in the 1940s. Pic 5 You can barely make out the Ludington North Lighthouse as it is battered by the November Winds. We see some spectacular scenes of the lakes fury this time of the year, Pic 6 The Buttersville peninsula at Ludington is seen from a passing ferry. The small knoll is referred to as Cole's Hill and you can see the roof of what looks like Cole's house, if you look down the peninsula you can see some other buildings built on the sand dunes behind the fish houses that are next to Pere Marquette Lakeshore. The houses should be those of Swenson, Borg, and then Gustafson. One of the buildings to the right of the knoll also housed a sauna. Pic 7 Opposite Page A wonderful close-up of the stacks showing the steam whistle. Each ship had it's own signal that would be blown as the ship entered the harbor. If you have local stories and photographs of Mason County and wish to share those with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431.

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