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1925 Mason County Enterprise History Column 214 Dave Petersen Lets take a look at what was going on back in 1925 from stories in the Mason County Enterprise. The headline on May 12th was "McPhail announces plan to present land useful for any public purpose" The article goes on to say " Mr. McPhail has always held this; his former home in affectionate memory and is desirous of making Scottville a lasting and useful gift" Two parcels of land were being looked with the idea of a park, a fairground, or an athletic field. Ashbacker's Orchestra will be playing at the Scottville Community Hall, admission is a mere 75 cents per couple, but extra ladies are a quarter. Does anyone in Scottville have a photograph of Ashbacker's Orchestra? Some things don't change much but the cost is still pretty high, Judge Towers fined H. Larsen 50.00 plus 6.00 in court costs for drunk driving. That may sound like a small fine but back in the day they were probably making 25 cents an hour and that would equal to more then 5 weeks of pay. The new bridge over the Sauble River was just completed the Saturday before, 650 feet of concrete were being reported as being poured each day as the road to the Manistee County Line was being completed. A conrete highway was a big improvement in 1925 and we all now know how much we really rely on the Sauble River Bridge to get to Manistee after last summer's storm. Here are a couple stumpers, Mrs. Clancy hosted a Pedro party, refreshments were served and cards were played, any ideas as to what a Pedro Party is? Bobby Raid was struck by a stone while playing "Duck on a Rock". Apparently he must not have ducked at the right time. The game involved placing a large stone (The Drake) on top of stump. One boy served as Guard. The children would throw rocks at it to knock it off the stump and when they did would run to the stump to get their stones. The Guard had to put the Drake back on the stump, pick up a stone, and tag one of the other kids who then became the Guard. Money was scarce and rocks of course were plentiful. The A-MUZ-U Theatre had several movies scheduled including "His Darker Self" starring Lloyd Hamilton, and Jack Hoxie in " The Sign of the Cactus. We take a lot of things for granted, electricity being one of them, in 1925 residents of Fountain and Freesoil were petitioning for the extension of service lines so that they might get electricity to their homes. Accidents ten as now were common, Louis Caplon of Baldwin, uncle to George Caplon of the Caplon Dry Goods store was injured in a car accident, as was Herbert Sommerfeldt and Herman Schultz when they were struck by a streetcar in Muskegon. Their "machine" as it was described in the news was demolished. When you look at some of the old cars you have to wonder sometimes how they survived the crashes as there was not a lot of thought in the safety design of "machines" back then. Horses though were not always a better choice as Rexford Sherman of Victory Township made a trip to the hospital after being kicked in the face by the family horse. Hope Everyone had a Happy New Year If you have any stories or photographs you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240 davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431 Pic 1 Ashbacker's Orchestra from Scottville played for area dances. Pic 2 If you wanted to get a cool treat The Palace was the place to go Pic 3 Even in 1925 mystery pictures abounded, anyone know who these people are? Pic 4 The A-MUZ-U Theatre predated the 4 Star Pic 5 H.J. Hansen was a talented local photographer anyone know his history?

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