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History Column 215 Dave Petersen Last weeks column brought a lot of response particularly about the Pedro party which was a progressive type of card game. In the days before video games and satellite TV there was a lot of time to be filled and this was one type of diversion. Another response came from Barbara Gutschke about her father's cousin Hans Julius Hansen a local Ludington photographer. Barbara writes "if a picture is worth a thousand words then Julius has contributed volumes to our Ludington area history." H.J. Hansen was born in Denmark in 1882 and came to America with is parents in 1884 settling in Ludington. H.J. Hansen was one of THE photographers of the Ludington area that captured many important historical scenes as well as the everyday lives of the citizens of our community. Many of his prints survive, from schoolhouse pictures to photos of the car-ferry fleet, lumbering and more. During the Centennial he sold copies of many of his pioneer photos. If you have one of these treasures in your family album it most likely has a sticker or some other identification stating HJ Hansen; Photographer. In looking over the May 12thand 13th 1925 edition of the Ludington Daily News I see that the Cartier family has just returned from a stay in Fort Myers Florida, it was interesting to see that in the October 18th 1932 edition of the Daily News that the Cartiers were neighbors of Thomas Edison and that Morgan Cartier had his picture taken at age 5 holding hands with Thomas Edison and his wife. Hindenburg takes the Presidents chair in Germany, promising peace is one of the headlines. The Lincoln bridge is open but the road commissioner wars that if people do not drive with care he will close it. The Ogalla Sioux met with President Calvin Coolidge, in traditional dress. "Baby Mary reigns as dainty queen on Hospital Day" Mothers and their babies were invited back to Paulina Stearns Hospital for this day of entertainment and refreshments, a musical program was given. Some of the names of the babies that were present are as follows. Milan Spencer, Helen Hansen, Phyllis Johnson, Fred Reader III, Warren Cartier, Don Carlson, Mary Jane Burch, Carl Olmstead, Helen Kovar, George Palm, and Gladys Schrink. 1925 was the middle of the era of Prohibition, and the top story "Coast Guard Wars on Rum Runners with a Vengeance" illustrates a theme that we continue to see today, the picture accompanying the story shows the Coast Guard burning a boat that was caught running liquor so that it could not be used again. Jones School news, "Miss Marie Sherburn treated the pupils to a marshmallow roast last week so in return the boys and girls of grammer grades entertained the teacher with a wiener roast." At Pelton Corners Ted Woebbeking helped Otto Battige spray his orchard, at Old Freesoil Louis backing Sr moved his sawmill to his camp east of Freesoil. Major School area Robert Davidson is adopting a little boy, Arden Cady broke his arm while cranking his car, The Stovesand Brothers purchased a new Ford Sedan. In Elmton Born to Mr and Mrs Hasenbank Jr. May 8th, a son, he is named Robert Rufus. That's it for the news of 1925. Did you see your name in the paper today? If you have any stories or photographs you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail care of Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431 Pic 1 HJ Hansen local Ludington photographer Pic 2 Dorrel Funeral home ad from 1925 showing that Motor Ambulance service was available. (as opposed to non motor?) Pic 3 United Light and Power advertisement, now that's an iron. Pic 4 John Barrymore in Beau Brummel is the feature at the Kozy Theatre.

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