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History Column 221 Dave Petersen In looking over some albums I picked out another group of photographs that I thought everyone might enjoy seeing. To update on some previous columns, Sue Squire writes that she believes that some of the people shown in the Squires Family Band are descended from Joseph Wilcox Squires who died during the civil war from an infection from a wound received at Petersburg. His wife Phoebe Olmstead Squire moved to Mason County about 1867 and raised 11 of her 13 children here. The numbers of Squires in the area resulted in a Post Office named Squireville. I heard from a couple of the realtives of Jesse Barret who was shown a few weeks ago delivering mail in a horse drawn wagon. Dan West wrote that Jesse was his great grandfather. Jesse was a rural mail carrier in Custer and was married to Myrna Catherine Fountain in 1904. I recently received a question about the set of old lumber wheels that were across from the Pere Marquette Town Hall, does anyone know the answer to that question? Speaking of questions in general if you have one related to the history of Mason County send them along and maybe we can find some answers. Pic1 This is a great view of the old Kroger store that used to be across from the current Read-Mor. The building on the corner is the old site of the Dorrell Funeral Home and across the street from that you can see part of the Ludington City Hall minus the cap on the tower. Thanks to Arlie Heemstra for sharing this picture. Pic 2 Remember the Ludington Bandits Baseball Team? Back Row Left to Right; Keith Koegler, Robert Heemstra, Dale Dittmar, Jim Jebavy, Ron Jebavy, Front Row Larry Bollach, Val Taylor, Dale Vordelandwer , Dave Kietzman, Arlie Heemstra, Paul Vordelandwer Bat Boy, Coach "Ralph" Tony Towers. Does anyone have stories or photos of any old baseball teams playing? Pic 3 Jim Anderson sent this great photo in of the Old Mason County Jail, we have had some great architecture in the City of Ludington. Are there any stories or vintage photos of our local law enforcement out there? A history of Law Enforcement in Mason County would make a great series of columns. Pic 4 Does anyone recognize this family Mom and Pop store near Scottville? There was a time when Mom and Pop Grocery Stores were everywhere, and in every neighborhood and they have for the most part all vanished from the landscape. I remember one on the South side of Tinkham on Rath, and of Course Daul's Market on the North side. Did your family have a neighborhood market? Pic 5 Here is one to remind us, (as if we needed it) of winter, these men are cutting ice on Hamlin Lake. The ice would be put up and used during the warm months to pack food, fish, and cool your lemonade. Pic 6 Do you notice anything missing from this view provided by Sylvia Nicholson? No Post Office, just a vacant lot . On the corner you can see the advertisement for Nordine's Grocery Store which was torn down to make room for the new post office. If you have any stories or photographs and you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or in Care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Michigan 49431

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