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History Column 222 Dave Petersen This week I had a chance to make some copies of local images from the collection of Jim Fay. There are many of the early real photo postcards that are quite rare as some of them may be one of a kind pictures taken on the old kodaks around 1907 to 1920 and made into postcards to be shared only with friends and family. Pic1 The Maggie Marshall was a lumber hooker built in Manistee by John Randall in 1873. It was owned by Louis Sands and was part of the fleet of boats he used in his lumber business. The Marshall sailed until 1919 locally until she was sold to Canadian interests and renamed the William Crippen. The ship became stranded near Cape Breton Island in May of 1923 and declared a total loss. Pic2 The Steamer Tennesee was better known locally as the Pere Marquette 8 when she sailed for the Pere Marquette Line. She was built in 1888 by John Martel in South Haven and operated as the Tennessee until 1913. For 11 years she plied the local waters and in 1924 was laid up in Manistee. She sat idle for three years until she caught fire and burned on October 26th 1927, she was declared a total loss. Pic3 The North American is shown here entering the Ludington Harbor, this fine passenger ship was built in 1913 in Ecorse Michigan. Can you imagine a time when Michigan built more then just cars? Many ships were built in Michigan at one time. Passenger ships such as the North and South American came into the Ludington port carrying tourists taking trips around the Great Lakes. The ship served until 1967 under succession of owners she sank suddenly and without warning while being towed to Maryland to be used as a training vessel. Pic4 Several of our carferries are stuck fast in the ice in the Ludington Harbor during the winter of 1907. Note the old lighthouse and foghorn that sat at the end of the pier prior to the construction of our current lighthouse. Views of the old lighthouse are not found often, The construction type was shared with the one built in Manistee and views of these lighthouses can be difficult to tell apart. Pic5 This is a great view of the Muskegon which was built in 1895 by the Craig Shipbuilding Company in Toledo Ohio. In 1901 she was bought by the Pere Marquette Railway Company and renamed the Pere Marquette 16. This was the only wooden carferry in the fleet and she served until 1918 when she was bought by the Hammermill Paper Company and converted to a barge. The ship was renamed the Harriet B and in 1923 while in tow collided with the Quincy A Shaw and sunk near Two harbors Minnesota. Pic6 The Mary Scott was built in Ludington in 1892 and is shown here at the dock in the early 1890's. In the background you can see the stacks of the Steamer Lawrence which was one of the break bulk ships contracted by the Pere Marquette Railroad to move cargo. This photograph was taken sometime between 1892 and 1894. She burned in the harbor at St Joseph Island Ontario Canada in 1926. If you have any stories or photographs and you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or in Care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Michigan 49431

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