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July 23rd 1945 History Column Dave Petersen We'll take a look back to July of 1945 to see what was going on around town and see if you recognize anyone, (yourself maybe?) Kenneth Lee Motyka had just celebrated his seventh birthday with a party. Games were played and prizes won by Joanne Peplinski and Roger and Jeanne Olson. Some of the party goers included Carole Jane Motyka, Leo Yennior, Ellen Peters, Harry Volkers, and Jeff and Pat Quinn to name a few. Speaking of birthdays Jimmy Larson marked his at a family picnic, (he was five) and Don Johnson attended a sailmakers camp on Bostwick lake near Rockford. Can you believe this, there were two stolen vehicles reported in one day in Mason County! One was stolen from in front of Brown's Café and found stuck in the sand up in fourth ward near 5th and Sherman streets. Its cold outside but here it was July 23rd and it was reported in the paper that Sunday the 22nd was the first real day of summer weather of the season and that the beaches were full in spite of the fog. Anybody else recall those fourth of July parades in the 60's when you had to wear your winter coat when watching the parade because the wind was so cold off the lake? WWII was winding down, and the military reported 118 Japanese ships had been sunk in six days and in Germany mass raids resulted in the arrest of 80,000 Germans including many SS members. Locally Corporal Carl A. Jensen who died at the Japanese prison camp in Cabatuan was remembered and honored. Currey's Snack Bar is another one of those businesses that I have never heard of before. They have a notice in the paper that they would be closed because of a lack of food and ice cream, they were located at 320 W Ludington Avenue. Marshall Butters tendered his resignation as the head of the rationing board in Mason County on page one, and on page 2 we see the reason why. He married Mathilda Kunz owner of the Daisy Mae Bakery on Saturday. Playing at the Lyric was Ernie Pyle's Story of GI Joe with Burgess Merideth, and at The Center you could see When Strangers Marry with Kim Hunter and Robert Mitchum. Say do you live at 312 N Gaylord Avenue? In 1945 you could have bought that house for $3,750.00 but since you would have only been making about 100.00 a month it would have still taken a long time to pay off. Looking for a job, one of the ones advertised was for Currant Pickers, its just a little hard to imagine that we had enough currants being grown in the County to require an ad to find enough people to pick them. Anyways this is just a glimpse of some of the happenings from around town in July of 1945, Now do you remember any of these old businesses that were in Ludington? If you have any stories or photographs and you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or in Care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Michigan 49431 Pic 1 Mottl Motor Sales was located at 302 W Ludington Avenue and many a local bought their cars there. Pic 2 Line up with Bear! Al's Bear Service on the corner of South James and Foster street. Does anyone know the history behind the name of the business? Pic 3 Boots are the thing! At least that's what the ad tells us. Vogels Shoe Store was a longtime fixture in downtown Ludington. Pic 4 Smith's Recreation was the place to go in Ludington to bowl and while it was a long time recreational haven for our local citizens the building will probably not be with us much longer as that end of town has been changing in the past couple years.

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