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History Column 229 Dave Petersen Lets take another look back at the past and see if we can find anyone you might know or places you may have gone to back in the 1940's. It is interesting to see all of the different downtown businesses that we had back in the 1940's. As a youngster I still remember the many places downtown that we used to go to like JJ Newberrys and Wrege's Hardware and how those places slowly disappeared as new big box stores opened along the corridor. We are going to review several different dates during 1945-46. In the June 4th paper there is an extensive column about the graduation ceremonies for Ludington. Donald " Corn" Johnson was the Student body President and led the class in the pledge. Several members of the graduating class were already serving in the armed forces including Marvin Tarr, Leon Doty, Stanley Clausen, Jack Geil, Lee Rowe, and Clayton Dewey. In 1945 we had a student police chief, and it was Fred Stohr, he awarded pins to his police force which included Ken Hartung, Floyd Obel, Russell Walters, Dick Genter, and Jack Lund among others. R. Jo Hanlon the Phe Ed teacher made awards to Shirley Shumskey, Joan Johnson, Val Allen, Catherine Swansby, and Marilyn Graham. In June of 1946 Miss Elaine Luskin and Donald Nordine were united in marriage, as well as Miss Eva Porter and Ronald Lindquist, newborns Richard Bergez and Donald Porter were discharged from the hospital to go home, Three Ludington teacher retired, they included Minnie Thomas, Elizabeth Silver, and Nettie Tripp, these teachers taught in the old Longfellow and Lakeview Schools. Have any school memories or classroom photos of these long past Ludington teachers? As if housewives didn't have enough to do in 1946, they were being urged by the Ludington Chamber of Commerce Health Committee to wage war on flies. The Rotarians were treated to a program of "moving pictures" and an party was arranged at Amber Hall for newlywed Ted Brandt and his wife and was attended by 125 people. There was a lawn party in Freesoil, does nyone have "Lawn Partys" anymore? This particular event was in honor of June Bruesch for her birthday. Helen Mueckler was married in her mothers wedding gown to Richard Daron, and Mr. And Mrs. John Pleiness celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The Pleiness family were early pioneers in Mason County. Taking a look at the Classifieds its hard to believe the number of service stations in our little town of Ludington. Bentz Auto Service, Schmocks Standard, Barton's Texaco, Gulf Sevicenter, Wadel's Service, Bob's garage, Neilsons Super Service, Peter's Standard Station to name a few. There was a time when you could hardly go more then a few blocks in town wt\out seeing not a gas station, but a service station. The difference being that when you pulled in for gas an attendant came out and checked your fluids, washed your windshield and pumped your gas. They call our current situation progress? I'm not so sure about that. I'm hoping to have this years Memorial Day column feature Viet Nam War Veterans. If you have photographs or stories you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or in care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Michigan 49431. Pic 1 Bil Carlson's Melodiers are playing at Rainbow Gardens, do you have any photographs of the interior or stories to share about Rainbow Gardens? Pic 2 Abrahamsons were still delivering ice for the ice box in 1945, Can you imagine having a block of ice delivered a couple times a week in order to keep your food from spoiling? Pic 3 McPherson Drug Store was located in Scottville and only 2.00 for a kit to give yourself a permanent. Pic 4 Heres an idea, Free Movie day on June 6th in celebration of D-Day buy a bond and get a ticket to see the movie, good for one day only. Pic 5 Schohl Jewelry Store, a long time fixture in the City of Ludington as was Gene Schohl, There was a jewelry store in that location for over 100 years.

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