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History Column 230 Dave Petersen We'll take one more look at some of the old news of the day, this time from 1941, even at that time history was a topic of interest, one of the articles details a gift of old newspapers given to the historical society by Lillian Pehrson who was at that time County Register of Deeds. The papers from the turn of the century had belonged to her father John who had also been the Register of Deeds at the courthouse. 600 quarts of fruit were canned by members of St Simon's Church for the school lunch program, now there's some community involvement. The Lincoln Valley PTA elected officers, Mrs. George Winegar was elected president. There is a good example of something that drives those of us who do genealogy research a bit batty. That is the lack of the first name of women used in print and other documents, it is almost at times like they did not exist. Private Phillip Dahringer had a 15 day furlough and came home for a visit, Margaret Brandt went to Ann Arbor to visit her brother and Walter Stumph spent the weekend at his parents home at 712 Brother St. You just can't escape it, whether it came by email, junk mail, or advertising like this ad for Dr. Kuriko's Stomach Tonic, the eternal question is asked in the advertisement, "Does gas come from the Stomach or Bowels?" The editorial was interesting of course to all the new mothers in the county, entitled "Back to Babying again" The editors were commenting on the practice of Babying the baby a generation ago and how all that coddling, kissing, (especially by fathers returning from Lodge meetings) spread germs, and was discouraged, and that now science has come to the rescue and determined that baby's are human after all and benefit from being mothered lest they develop behavior disorders. The headline COW TESTING REPORT made me wonder for a minute whether or not they had to pass math but it was a listing and record of their milk production, Edward Haight and Carl Hanson claimed top honors for cows in their hers that gave 1050 and 1077 pounds of milk. Otto Listing has a 1936 coach for sale for $200.00 dollars, Herman Rosenow wants to trade a Round Oak Wood stove for chickens or what have you. In the cross dressing movie of 1941 Jack Benny played Charlie's Aunt, a earlier version of Mrs. Doubtfire? I suspect that in 1941 he was one of a very few who could have pulled this comedy off, 11 cents admission for the kids and 25 cents for Adults. Speaking of a good deal in 1941 for the small sum of 4.50 you not only got a years subscription to the Ludington Daily News but 4 different magazine subscriptions as well that were included. We are in the middle of spring cleanup and you may see me poking around looking for scrapbooks, old newspapers, yearbooks and other such items that if found will certainly find their way into a column. If you have tried to call my home phone and not received a call back please try again, our answering machine malfunctioned and we have been losing messages. If you have photographs or stories you would like to share with our readers please feel free to call 757-3240, email davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431. Pic 1 Obel's and Keith Furniture store ad for that new sofa or couch. They really made furniture to last back then. Pic 2 Charles Peterson's fish market was a popular place to get your fish, does anyone have a picture of the inside of the building? Pic 3 Some of our local lads about to ship out , they are at the bus station that was across from the Methodist Church on Harrison St. The building burned quite a few years back. Pic 4 Carlson's Dairy, do you have one of their 1940's milk bottles with the carferry logo? Those are very collectible and could net up to 500.00 or more in good condition. Pic 5 The Morris Five and Dime store, today I guess we call stores like that a Dollar store, (due to inflation)

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