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History Column 231 Dave Petersen I think everyone by know knows about my affinity and affection for old paper and photographs. I happened to stop at an estate sale last week and found an old scrap book from the 1950's with a lot of high school memories in it. There were Oriole Life newsletters, band concert booklets and a wide range of all of the things that you would expect to find in a high school girls scrapbook. The pages, made of the old manila colored paper were torn and tattered and some of the news clippings and mementos had too much glue on them for me as I try to organize these little treasures as I come across them. One of the things that stood out was a simple piece of paper with a list of odd things like a flyswatter and an old rag doll that were part of a scavenger hunt on April 10th 1953. That would have been at Phil Beebe's birthday party. Lucille Chinnery, Tom Coolman and Jack Heglund were a part of the team. I wonder if they had any trouble finding the old pair of black and white shoes? I think it would be more of a problem to find a pair of those today. As I go through the pages I see Paul Allard's graduation announcement from 1956 and a party invitation from pat Quinn to go for a hayride. Then there is a Stage Program for the 1952 LHS production of "I remember Mama" and as I look through the cast I do recognize the name of Lee Schoenherr as the BellBoy. Then there is a picture of Budde Reed (age6) and his brother Todd (age 4) blowing straws wrappers at the ceiling of the House of Flavors, Bob Neil looks resigned to the fact that there is not much he can do to stop the hundreds of straw sleeves being stuck to the ceiling by his young patrons. There are a few more theatre programs, the one for the 1954 production of "What a Life" has one of my cousins, Harry Purdy cast as student Henry Aldrich. His is the only name I can readily recognize from the cast. Then there are all of the old Oriole Life Newsletters. I have some dating as far back as the 1930's as they are a great record of some of the things that happened in the halls of old Ludington High School, maybe you will recognize some of them. The class will of 1954 has my aunt Carolee Brockhaus leaving her ability to fix her hair any way she pleases to Dick Kowatch. Arlan Heemstra left his expert bowling ability to LeAnn Ferris, and Bob Magnusson left his job at the Hotel to the elevator. If you have any stories or photographs and you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or in Care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Michigan 49431 Pic1 In 1953 Four new teachers were added to the staff at LHS they included Mr. Mathis, Mr Grams, Miss Bates, Mr. Hornung Pic2 Jr. High students move into the new 650,000.00 Jr High School in the fall of 1953. Pic3 Carole McDole and her Court to Reign over Homecoming in October of 1953. The Court included Joyce Taggart, Judy Ponko, Lavonne Chadwick, Jacquelyn VandenHeuval, Phyllis Jorrison and Carolyn Kronelein. Pic4 Toto appears to be flying, Tillotson is preparing to catch the pass in this Alma vs Ludington game. Pic5 Agnes McLaren who was among other duties the history columnist is shown here with the LHS Oriole Life staffers at the Ludington Daily News to see how things were done. Note the typesetting trays. Pic6 Cast of the play "What a Life" are practicing, Enoch Anderson, Mike Smith, Daryl Fairchild, Larry Dodd, and Mary Adams are shown.

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