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Mulligan Stew History Column 235 Dave Petersen This week is a mixture of things some that have been sent to me by readers to share. There is not necessarily enough to put a separate column together on each one but still some interesting items that I wanted to put in todays column. If you have any stories or photographs you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240 davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431 Pic 1 This is a great circa 1920 picture of the Phoenix Hose Company that was loaned to me by Raymond Grams and shows his father.. The fire crew is posed in front of the old City Hall that was razed in 1948. It used to sit on south Rath Avenue at what is now the parking lot kitty corner from the Read Mor. Emil Grams raymond's father is of course the fellow identified as "Dad". The fire Chief at that time was George Barber. Pic 2 This 1953 Photograph of the Badger was provided by Bonnie Gorzynski. It appears to have been taken on the Wisconsin side of the Lake. Maybe one of our Veteran Carferrymen can identify it further? Pic 3 I'm a fan of the old Dummy Train and always enjoy seeing different pictures of it. The Train ran the circuit from Ludington to Epworth and Hamlin Lake until it was discontinued about 1920. This picture came from an old issue of the Tamarac Tribune courtesy of Rosemary Grams. The stack of tribunes she found will probably provide the basis for an upcoming column on the history of the Tamarac Trailer Park. Pic4 During the Armistice Day Storm of 1940 the carferries were not the only thing to take a beating. The note on the back of this picture indicates that it was hit by a tree near the Wolverine Building during the storm. I do know that a section of Brick wall did break loose from the Wolverine (as seen in the background) during the storm and hit a car parked alongside the building. For the youngsters in the audience anyone who was alive on that day remember the storm and what they were doing the same way we remember 9-11 today. Pic5 I was down at the Courthouse the other day to take a look at the Veteran's Memorial and took note of my cousins name on the Viet Nam Plaque. Ricky Duane Deeds was a Marine and he was killed in action January 21st 1968 near a place called Quang Tri. He enlisted with his best friend Sam Mears. If you have a family member honored on the Memorial and would like to share their story with our readers please feel free to contact me. Pic 6 Here is a bit of a mystery. I have family history in Oceana County, my mother recently gave me this ribbon and we suspect that it may have belonged to my Great Grandfather H.H. Purdy. Are there any Odd Fellow Historians out there that have knowledge of the lodge at Cobmoosa Michigan which we think may have been in Southern Oceana County?

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