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Signs of the Times History Column 241 Dave Petersen Today's Photographs are courtesy of Jim Fay and show some of the sign work that was done by the Ludington Sign & Electric Company during the 1950's and 1960's. Some of you may remember a few of these businesses and the billboards and signs that are pictured here. If you have more information on this business please contact me. I am hopeful that someone out there may recall specifics about this business and the owner and can provide some information for part two of this column. If you have any stories or photographs that you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240 davep@blackcreekpress.com or in care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431. Pic1 Bonser's Grocery Stores are no longer a part of the Ludington landscape but they were for years starting in 1933. This sign was in front of the second Bonsers store that used to sit on the site of the current Mobil station at 302 West Ludington Avenue. I remember when that building was torn down to make room for the gas station. Started by Walter Bonser and continued and expanded by Jack and Bob. Just beyond Bonser's was Red's Delicatesson, the place to go for that premier artery clogging burger and fries. Pic2 Miller's Lakeside Motel at Ludington on the Lake, now where have we heard that Moniker before? It was first used after the turn of the last century and has been recycled a couple times now as the marketing byline for the city. During the 1950's it was owned by Verne & Golden Miller. Pic3 Jonlan Hardware was located at 112 W Ludington Avenue and owned by Lester F Johnson and George C.Lantz. Pic4 Lunde and Sheldon Clothing Store, If I recall correctly it was the store for "Dad and Lad" and was established by Jacob Lunde in 1922 at 303 S James St. Next door was the Johnston McDonald Drug Store owned by Evelyn Johnson and James McDonald. Pic5 The Swedish Coffee Pot at this time was owned by Robert & Mary Harley and has undergone some renovations over the years wouldn't you think? Pic6 Kuras Furniture on West Ludington Avenue was the place to go in the 1950's for furnishings and good music from the record shop. Pic7 Larson's Motel, take a look at the layout, there were auto courts like this on the outskirts of most every town before the bog box motels came along and one by one the little cabin mom and pop operations quietly folded up and their cottages moved or torn down to make way for new bigger (and better?) operations.

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