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History Column 243 Dave Petersen Today's photographs were provided by Carolyn Tolles and offer some views that we have not seen before and a couple that you may recognize. Carolyn has been going through some of her family photographs and has found several interesting views that we will also be sharing with our readers next week as well. If you have stories or photographs to share with our readers or can provide additional information on any of the photographs in today's column please feel free to contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431. Pic1 This view is of the Town band and was taken outside of the old city hall on south Rath street about 1925. The family photo only identified one person but luckily the photo was also a part of Sylvia Nickelson's biography of Louis Peterson and all members were identified. First row Left to right: Leo Bowne, Andrew Bergelin, Chet Adams, Joe Tennant, Mr. Tolles, Hans Peter Miller, Charles Paholski, Donald Loomis, Clyde Nelson, George Bowne. Back Row left to right: Al Krieder, Wayne adams, Harold Lafluer, C. Renker, Karl Ashbacker, Tjurston Widmark, Louis F Peterson, Charles Degergus, Harold Brockhaus, Frank Nagel, Mr. Vandervest, unknown, unknown, Fred Nelson, Albert Brockhaus. Pic2 Finn Town was located on the Buttersville Penninsula in the area now occupied by Crosswind Condominiums. It was quite a bustling little fishing community with dozens of structures including a dance hall. Most of the photographs I have seen are taken from the decks of the carferries as they passed by the village. This circa 1915 picture gives us a good view of several of the buildings located near the channel entrance taken from shore. Note the racks for drying fishing nets. Pic3 The 1908 Ludington Baseball team, Some of the names are not identified as the picture was damaged. Those that were included Parent as the pitcher, Stram 3rd base, Newberg as the catcher and then there is the mascot, is that a bear cub? Powers was second base, Garlsok, Spires, and then Sissem as the shortstop. Can you identify the others? Pic4 The PM 19 went aground in 1916 near Ludington, where it remained for 12 days. It took the efforts of 3 tugboats and the Pere Marquette 18 to pull the PM 19 off the sandbar. The boat is shown here being assisted by tugs on its way into Manitowoc Wisconsin for repairs. Pic5 I'm hoping that one of our readers can help identify this picture, it could be one from Stearns Salt and Lumber, or possibly even Carrom or one of the other companies that was in operation in Ludington around 1915. Maybe you recognize a family member or even the building façade.

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