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History column 244 Dave Petersen This week we have a variety of pictures that I pulled out of the file cabnent to share with you. Last week we had a nice group of photographs that was shared by Joann Tolles and I am going to be using some others from her family collection in next weeks column. If you have any stories or photographs you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240 davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431 Pic1 This group photo was taken at the Knights of Pythias Hall about 1905, Henry Tiedemann is seated at the far left while Henry C Hutton is standing at the center of the photo. Hutton was a local attorney who started his practice in the 1890's. served as the City Attorney, prosecutor and Circuit Court Commissioner. Hnery Tiedeman the son of local builder Agust Tiedeman made his fortunes elsewhere as he left Ludington for business opportunities out of state. Pic 2 Wilson School was located on Wilson between Darr and Tuttle Road. John Wilson came from Allegan in 1882 and purchased 120 acres Wilson and Darr Rd in part of what was the Indian reservation at one time south of Custer. Pic 3 This photograph of a fine catch of fish was taken about 1910 by local photographer Fred C. Silver. Silver came to Ludington in the 1880's and was one of our premier photographers over several decades. The men in the picture are believed to be Albert Johnson and friend. Pic4 The 1919 Morton Salt Citizenship Class is shown here. In 1919 there was an estimated 783 aliens living in the city. The citizenship classes were intended to teach our ideals with the expectation that the aliens would then live up to them. In 1919 it was estimated that 90% of the court cases involving domestic violence at the time were committed by aliens and that they "had no concept of our ideals." Pic5 These Cheerleaders are getting a good workout as they practice their routines in this circa 1930 photograph taken outside of the High School which is now Foster Elementary School. Note the vintage cars in the background on Filer street. Pic6 A very early 1905 view of South James Street in Ludington. Hansen's Pharmacy is on the corner of Foster Street. The Paquette Drug store was purchased by Charles Hansen in 1901. He had passed the exam and became a registered pharmacist at the age of 20. He continued operations at that location until 1918 before moving up to the corner of James and Ludington avenue. That store was destroyed by fire in 1944 as was his next location in the old Masonic Hall Storefront in 1945.

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