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Article 245 History Column Dave Petersen This week we have a few more pictures from Joann Tolles family albums to share with our readers. Both her and her husband's families have been in the Ludington area for many years. If you have any stories or photographs you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me at 757-3240 davep@blackcreekpress.com or mail in care of Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi 49431 Pic1 This is a picture of the Lakeview Elementary School Second grade class in 1940. See anyone you recognize? In the Back Row L to R we have Patricia Wilder, Richard Johnson, Joann Peplinski (Tolles) Martha Jane Newberg, Carlin Seward. In the second row we have Jean Wait, Ross DeEnfants, unknown, unknown, Marilyn Rasmussen, Front Row Barbara Rohn, Roger Moline, Marietta Hallberg, Herbert Tactor, Shirley Brazzo and an unknown. Do you know our mystery students? Pic2 This is the St. Simons Fourth grade class of 1943 "Me" is Joann Peplinski but can you identify the rest? Pic3 Does this house look familiar to you? This is a circa 1915 photograph of 303 E. Ludington Avenue. Currently housing Northern Cuts. William and Mary Ellen Tolles arrived in Ludington in 1869 in a covered wagon according to an old Daily News article. Frank Tolles was but three years old at the time and was listed in the 1885 class of LHS graduates. Pic4 The Ludington Coast Guard from a September 20th 1939 Photograph is shown here. In the back row L to R Rudy Stiphany, Don Altswager, Herbert Kinnie, Tom Peplinski, Harold van Ingan, Sam Southwell, Front Row, Harold gatfield, Bernard Bromwell, Louie Halstad, Skipper Otto Fricke, Louie Helenboldt and the last fellow is identified as "Stormer" Pic5 The Pere Marquette Second grade class of 1935, the photograph was taken by H.J. Hansen. In the back row on the left is a young Dick Yeck, to his right is friend Bill Tolles, the only other child identified is above the x on the picture and that is Jeannette Piozak ( Greenwald) Pic6 Every year for decades Ludington School children participated in an annual two day field and track competition. This picture is of the parade that they would have and was described as such in May 25th 1943 in the Ludington Daily News. " Starting with a colorful parade of school children shortly after 1:15 PM the marchers from each school formed at Longfellow and wound there way west on Ludington Avenue, And thence north on Gaylord to the athletic field." 600 children from 6 Ludington elementary schools took part. Pic7 This is a view of the inside of the Tolle House at 303 E Ludington Avenue about the turn of the 20th century. Pictured are William Tolles and his sister Eva at Christmas. Take a close look at some of the toys under that tree. The Tolles family owned two bowl factories in Mason County. Does anyone have a hardwood bowl stamped Tolles Bowl Factory?

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