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Google News Archives History Column Dave Petersen Some time back the Daily News loaned all of their microfilm to Google to scan and put online. It's a very cool service and there are a lot of newspapers that are available for free access on the website. You cannot print the articles from the Daily News but you can read the whole paper for most dates between 1867 and 2007. The search engine does not pick up everything, some of the older papers were discolored just enough that the imaging program cannot read all of the individual words and therefore you don't get 100% of the results and will have to read over some papers by date. You can access the search page at http://news.google.com/archivesearch/advanced_search I went through it this morning to find some information to go along with some of the pictures used today, I googled myself and the first result was my wedding write up from 1980. When putting names of relatives in the search parameters obituaries came up but also news bits about clubs, activities, things their kids were involved in and just the everyday life events that we all experience living in a small town. If you are doing genealogy, looking for tid bits of information for scrap booking or research for a school paper the information here is invaluable and saves so much time over going through microfilm on reel at a time. If you do need a hard copy you can go down to the library armed with date and page number the article is on and pull it up on the microfilm. Give it a try; I'm sure you will have some fun with it. If you have photographs or stories that you would like to share with our readers please contact me at 757-3240, davep@blackcreekpess.com or mail in care of the Ludington Daily News PO Box 340 Ludington Mi. 49431. Pic1 July 4th 1901. "Manager Butters of the Mason Oceana Railroad has advertised an excursion from Walkertown and intermediate points on the road to Ludington today. It is expected that a large crowd will come from Oceana County over this road." Pic2 7-13-1910 "Picturesque Camp Arcadia is a favorite rendezvous for resorters who desire the quiet solitude of the woods and the joys of boating and fishing combined with the privilege of religious devotions and service." Pic3 6-25-1914 "One of the star attractions (Harbor Jubilee) of the great celebration will be ten hydro areoplane flights to be given by the famous aviator Walter E Johnson of New York." Pic4 5-28-1930 Lincoln Valley School Upwards of 60 people attended the closing day picnic of Lincoln Valley School at Round Lake on Saturday. Horse shoe pitching and a ball game provided amusement and a bountiful picnic dinner with ice cream and assorted cakes was enjoyed." Pic5 7-2-1936 "The Mighty spirit of the legendary Paul Bunyan strode through the streets today as this community opened a four day festival in honor of the Manistee National Forest. Along the banks of the Manistee stood 14 tepees above which rose the smoke of Indian campfires."

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