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History Column 330 Dave Petersen This will be the last week that we look over the album and photos brought in by Janet Marx, there are a few gems left that I'll slip into columns over the next year. It is always interesting to me the variety of views in these old family albums and the different views of the same events often taken at different times throughout the day. When put together they add a lot to our view of the past events in our area and I appreciate it when people bring their albums down to be scanned. It provides us with such a rich tapestry of events and a peek into the lives of the people who helped make Mason County history and bring it to life again for today's generations. In this weeks column I'm including some pictures that were not taken in Mason County, but in other areas of the country. We all came from somewhere else before landing in Ludington, and the experiences there shaped the things to come here. In talking with Janet we both share ancestors who came over on the Mayflower, (there are 30 million people in the United States that do) so we are probably cousins 10 times removed. Our families also shared in the migration patterns that took our ancestors through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. If you have pictures or stories you would like to share with our readers please feel free to contact me in care of the Ludington Daily News, or by calling 757-3240 or email at davep@blackcreekpress.com Pic1 In the days before cable if you didn't have anything else to do you could always dress up the kids and have a Tom Thumb wedding. Here we see the happy couple, John L. Selby and Betty Thurow from Scottville after the ceremony. It was a popular event in the 1920's, all the participants were children. Fashioned after the real wedding of General Tom Thumb in 1863 (a PT Barnum performer) these events were carried on as fundraisers into the 1970's. Pic2 The 1936 Scottville High School graduating class, this picture was in the album and was provided by Ida Martz Reese. Thomas Selby isthrid from the left, second row down. (Where's Ida?) Pic3 Lowell Beach worked on Silas Richman's farm in Studley Kansas in 1907/08. The farm belonged to the parents of his college friend Frank. Frank Richman was on the Indiana Supreme Court and served as a Judge after the war at the Nuremburg trials. Pic4 Have you ever wondered how easily your life and that of your families could have changed with a single decision? In 1908 Lowell Beach left Kansas to look at land in Texas. Note the armadillo out for a stroll on a sunny afternoon. Although he farmed 200 acres in Deer Park Texas apparently it did not meet expectations for long term settlement as Buttersville won out in the end. Pic5 In order to learn more about becoming a fruit farmer Lowell went to work at the Paul Rose farm in 1913 near Rockford Michigan. He was able to borrow the money to purchase the farm in Buttersville form the Rose's.

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