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Article 339 History Column Dave Petersen I was looking over some of the images of the Ludington area from a few years back and thought that we would take a long view of the city. In the history of the world Ludington really has not been around all that long. My Great Grandfather was born 4 years before Ludington was incorporated as a City. When you look at how memories and stories are passed from generation to generation the knowledge that the generation he had are lost forever it helps put into perspective the importance of recording our history, both personal and community. My Great Grandfather passed away the year before I was born, his life took in some incredible decades from 1869 to 1955, his father served in the civil war, to us now in 2011 those memories would be incredible tales to include in our family and community histories but you know at the time they probably did not think they were all that important. The link between those of us alive today and the settlement of Mason County are 160 long years, but really only a couple generations. My Great Great Grandfather to my grandfather to me could have preserved our families oral history of being in the Civil War. Actually that is something I hear a lot from people that I talk to about the stories I want to write. They don't believe that their experiences are all that interesting but they really are. Even what might seem to be little details about the shop keepers and the stores that once were so plentiful in the County are important to preserve. In 50 years or less the history writer for the Daily News which will probably be beamed via satellite to implanted devices in our cerebral cortex will be digging up pictures and stories about Raven's which is closing this month. So lets take a look at some older mages of the area this week, and your assignment is to write down a memory of an old business in Ludington and send it in to me. If you have photographs to share with our readers please contact me at 757-3240, e-mail to davep@blackcreekpress.com, or mail in care of the Ludington Daily News, P.O. Box 340, Ludington, MI, 49431 Pic1 This image is the seal of the City of Ludington from 1873, the scene appears to be the Mason and Oceana Railroad on the set of tracks on the Buttersville Peninsula near Taylorsville. The pine tree I suspect is representative of the logging trade. This painting was on the safe door of the Ludington City Hall. Pic2 George Tripp served as the first treasurer of Riverton Township and also prior to 1882 had served three terms as an alderman in the City of Ludington. His experience in Ludington influenced his brother Charles Tripp to relocate here in 1868. Charles was an early Ludington Business man who owned a Tobacco, Cigars and " Fancy Goods" store downtown. Pic3 Charles Wing had this to say of the Elliott House "Our first home in the city was the Hanson House, afterwards called the Elliott, then new, with "Pap" Elliott in charge--a very good hotel." If you look to the north you can see the old Bach's Bakery and the Johnson Building which hoses the Brew Pub and the Antique Store. Pic4 A nice long view of many stores near the corner of Ludington and James that are no longer in operation. Samuel Snow also worked with F.N. Latimer prior to establishing his own drug store and eventually moving into the storefront that was occupied by Anna Bach's Candies at 102 W Ludington Avenue. Frank Latimer's pharmacy was located at the corner of Ludington and James St as well where Snyder's shoes is now, and was later followed by Taggert's Pharmacy at that location, later he was in charge of the Heysett pharmacy that was established in the building that later housed the Lewis Drugstore that many people will still remember.

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